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On 08/11/11 18:54, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> I am faced with a challenge that we ship devices which are
> all preconfigured to a fixed IP address, and we want to provide
> an easy solution to do remote IP configuration of all devices
> connected to the same network.
> In other words - all devices are reachable by a broadcast package.
> The network may or may not include a DHCP server - which
> we in any case do not have control over.
> In the typical situation we will assign static IP
> addresses to the devices - but sometimes we may also
> configure them to DHCP.
> So we are looking for a (de facto?) way to do this.
> Any hints?
> I haved tried to ask google without luck.
> The idea is to use an UDP broadcast to discover all devices,
> and a similar UDP broadcast to configure the devices.
> In the latter the MAC will be the key to address individual devices.
> As we are talking less than 100 devices this looks quite doable.
> But I do not want to invent something again if it already exists.
> Thanks in advance for any inputs,

Isn't this one of the things that Avahi daemon is supposed to achieve?


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