diseqc 2.0 on stb0899 / pctv452e (TT S2-3xxx and the likes)

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Hi All,

This has been addressed before, but I cannot find any specifics on the list or on the net in general regarding.

I'm trying to get a Spaun SAR 411F switch to work with a TT S2-3650. The SAR only talks diseqc 2.0 according to the specs and works perfectly on an Nexus-S setup. When I try to scan through the switch using the S2-3650 (old dvbscan or the new scan-s2 utility) nothing happens (tuning status == 0x00), whilst a direct connection /without the switch/ pose no problem at all.

When I go through the s2-liplianin dvb drivers I noticed the DiSEqC 2.0 freq marker in the stb0899_priv.h header file. Also according to the STB0899 datasheet DiSEqC 2.0 is supported. Does this mean that the pctv452e driver does not implement the 2.0 specifications? I have seen the S2-3650 work through a DiSEqC 1.0 switch without any problems.

Could someone shed some light on this matter? Am I missing something here? Perhaps the pragmatic approach would be to change the switch albeit a fine one.

thank in advance,

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