Re: Terratec Cinergy HTC USB XS HD

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Op maandag 15-06-2009 om 22:36 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef sacha:
> Hello
> Does anybody know if this devise will ever work with Linux?
> It was promised by one person last year the support will be available
> within months. One year has gone, nothing happens.
> Is there any alternatives to develop a driver for this devise aside from
> this person?

Since there has been no answer to your question for some time, I think I
will step in.
>From , the future for
a driver from Markus for this device does seem to look quite bleak.
However, from looking in the mailinglist archive I gather that Steven
Toth has offered to try getting it to work if someone is willing to
provide him with a device.
Maybe you two could get in contact.
I myself am also interested in a driver for this device but I haven't
got one yet.

Kind regards,


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