Re: problems with Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C MK3 after mainboard switch

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Hi Andy,

> You appear to be experiencing PCI bus errors.  Read errors on the PCI
> bus return 0xffffffff and it looks like that's happening on your system:
> 	(rev ff) (prog-if ff)
> PCI bus error are usually caused by the PCI bridge chips on your
> motherboard being overwhelmed or by bus signals of marginal quality or,
> of course, by actually defective hardware.
> As something simple and easy to try, I would suggest:
> 1. Remove *all* your PCI cards
> 2. Blow the dust out of *all* the slots.
> 3. Reseat the cards.
> That will hopefully improve the signal quality on the bus.
Ok, I cleaned the cards one more and atm there's only 1 card in the 
system. Blew out all dust (the motherboard arrived brand new yesterday, 
so probably not necessary), still the same probs. After heavy IO the 
card dies.
I plugged one of the cards back in the old motherboard and installed a 
backup vdr, no probs at all with that card. Everything else on the new 
mainboard works like a charm, so I doubt the board is broken.

Still looking for any other hints,


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