Problems switching between LO bands with NOVA-S2

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Hi there,

I have a Hauppauge Nova-S2 connected to a dish with a universal LNB
pointing at ASTRA 28.2e (i don't know the make/model of the LNB as I
inherited it from the previous tennant and it's way to hi up for me to
When I connect this to my CentOS 5.3 (2.6.18-1.10.127 server running a
recent v4l-dvb build (this has been consistent over various nightly
builds stretching back to 1 year ago) and try and tune to any channels
on the loband  i cannot get a lock.
This works fine with the standard sky digi box but if i try szap or
scan i can not lock. But if I try to tune any hiband channels i get
lock no problem.

 However if i use dvbtune-0.5: ./dvbtune -tone 0 -c 2 -p H -s 22000 -f
10803000 -m
I get a lock no problem, and then i can use scan -c to pull a list of
channels. No other apps with dvb-s support seem to be able to lock
into the loband only dvbtune.

I've debugged this till I'm blue in the face. I can switch H/V
polarity no problems but just can't switch between loband and hiband.
This is a major problem as most of Freesat (UK) is on the loband

>From what I've read switching between loband and hiband is something
to do with a 22khz tone but i don't see any option on scan or szap to
switch 22khz tones on or off.

I've tried the NOVA-S card and the HVR-3000 card and they both behave the same.

So can anyone suggest why the v4l-dvb tools don't lock onto the loband
but dvbtune can? what is the difference ? Is there somewhere i can
hack something? (not really a programmer but not afraid to fiddle with
variable values if necessary)

I'm just totally frustrated with this.

I hope someone could advise me here, or point me to some more info
that would help? I've googled till my head nearly exploded......

Thanks in advance...

Mark Guz

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