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Hi Tomas,
Our HD channels are very limited as well, I just thought it was strangethat when I viewed the channel with VLC there was no errors, but whendumping it to disc (with vlc) and then viewing it produced alot oferrors.
I might give the MP4 mux a go at some point, HD is not that important.
Again thanks alot for your help :)
tor, 12 03 2009 kl. 12:31 +0100, skrev Tomas Drajsajtl:>  > Hi Rasmus,> I haven't tested my HD channels yet, in fact there was nothing> intersting I would like to record yet. ;-) All my favourite channels> are still provided in MPEG-2 PAL. Try another mux= option or> transcode. What about "mp4"?> Maybe I will try it during the> weekend.>  > Regards,> Tomas>  >  >         ----- Original Message ----- >         From: Rasmus Pedersen >         To: linux-dvb@xxxxxxxxxxx >         Cc: linux-dvb@xxxxxxxxxxx >         Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 10:48 PM>         Subject: Re:  KNC1>         >         >         Hi Tomas>         >         Thanks for the info. I successfully recorded various channels>         and played them on the PS3, so fare so good.  :)>         >         I only have a bit of trouble recording the h.264 channels. If>         I view them with VLC they work fin, but if I record them with>         VLC and then view them with VLC they get all pixelated. >         >         The PS3 wont play them either, even tho it plays a h.264>         stream recorded with Xine from the same channel. >         >         I think I might be missing some setting when recording the>         h.264 stream, since it works perfecly when viewing live tv>         with VLC.>         >         Regards,>         Rasmus>         >         >         >         ons, 11 03 2009 kl. 07:21 +0100, skrev Tomas Drajsajtl:>         >  >         > Hi Rasmus, >         > something like >         > vlc -vvv --color -I dummy --ts-es-id-pid --program=1>         > --dvb-adapter=0 dvb: --dvb-frequency=258000000>         > --dvb-srate=6900000 --dvb-modulation=64 --sout>         > '#standard{access=file,mux=ts,dst="record.mpg"}' >         > does the job. Of course you need to pass your own DVB-C>         > options. >         > Regards, >         > Tomas 

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