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Steven Toth wrote:
>> Hartmut, Oliver and Trent: Thanks for helping with this issue. I've just
>> reverted the changeset. We still need a fix at dm1105, au0828-dvb and 
>> maybe
>> other drivers that call the filtering routines inside IRQ's.
> Fix the demux, add a worker thread and allow drivers to call it directly.
> I'm not a big fan of videobuf_dvb or having each driver do it's own 
> thing as an alternative.
> Fixing the demux... Would this require and extra buffer copy? probably, 
> but it's a trade-off between  the amount of spent during code management 
> on a driver by driver basis vs wrestling with videobuf_dvb and all of 
> problems highlighted on the ML over the last 2 years.
> demux->register_driver()
> demux->deliver_payload()
> demux->unregister_driver()
> Then deprecate sw_filter....N() methods.
> That would simplify drivers significantly, at the expense of another 
> buffer copy while deliver-payload() clones the buffer into its internal 
> state to be more timely.

I meant to add...

The cx18 and a few other smaller drivers (flexcop?) dvb drivers also call 
directly. cx23885/cx88 does not.

- Steve

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