Use ir_keymaps.c for dibcom driver (was: Re: [PATCH] Add Elgato EyeTV Diversity to dibcom driver)

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Am 08.02.2009 um 20:00 schrieb Devin Heitmueller:

> On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 1:51 PM, Michael Müller
> <mueller_michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> In December you wrote that you 'should work on getting the dib0700  
>> driver
>> integrated with ir_keymaps.c so that the it is consistent with other
>> drivers.' Did you already started to work on this? Should I change  
>> my patch
>> to use the ir_keymaps.c way? Which driver is a good example how to  
>> use it?
>> Regards
>> Michael
> Hello Michael,
> While I am indeed strongly in favor of integrating dib0700 with
> ir_keymaps.c so it is consistent with the other drivers, I have been
> tied up in another project and haven't had any cycles to do the work
> required.
> By all means, if you want to propose a patch, I would be happy to
> offer feedback/comments.

Hi Devin,

yes, it was my intention to offer some help.

I had a first look into the existing codes that seem to use  
ir_keymaps.c already (I searched for ir_input_init()):

My hope was to find some similarities that I could use for dibcom.  
But everything looks different. And they deal with GPIO. So it looks  
much more complicated than just simply adding some keys to a table. ;-)

Do you have an idea which of the modules listed above is closest to  
the dibcom module? Can you (easily) create a frame/template that I  
can use for a start and I add details and does the testing?

Is the existing ir_keymaps approach already able to handle the case  
that I need to set dvb_usb_dib0700_ir_proto=0 (=> no NEC protocol)  
for my Elgato?

 From a structure point of view wouldn't it be better if we would  
collect the different keytabs in different files for each driver? If  
all keymaps are collected in a single file you would always load the  
full set of keymaps into the memory (and if a dvb module is compiled  
into the kernel stored in the kernel binary).


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