How to insert splint info Makefile? Any idea?

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I am working on linux-2.6.25. I would like to use splint. At one of the source directory, I typed "splint *.c". I got "Cannot find include file", "Cannot continue". I understand that I need to run splint inside the Makefile so that it will find the correct include files. However, how to insert splint info Makefile? Any idea?

splint *.c
Splint 3.1.2 --- 24 Mar 2010

cache.c:7:25: Cannot find include file asm/pgtable.h on search path:
  Preprocessing error. (Use -preproc to inhibit warning)
cache.c:42:27: #error Unknown cache type.
Preprocessing error for file: /projects/svdc/P4wsIPCSW/buildsw_canyonlands/linux
*** Cannot continue.



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