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jassduec@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi All,

Which is more reliable and better for taking full and incremental
backups tar or dump. I like dump more but came across some articles on
the redhat website with references to emails from Linus which state
that dump should not be used for backup on a linux system.

Are there some free backup tools on linux which can take fast and
reliable full and incremental backups? I have been doing backup on
Solaris for years now and never had any issue with ufsdump, ufsrestore
and snapshots. Is it possible to get similar reliability on linux.

Tar vs Dump invites a debate (flame war) thread, which has been overdone & well documented in a variety of mail-lists, forums, howtos & books. If you are using exotic file-systems or partition managers... Reiser, XFS... LVM you should research alternatives to dump (xfsdump) relative to your file system. If you like dump & understand how to use it on "unmounted and read-only filesystems", there is little reason not to use it for simple backups. Many examples of dump/restore schemes & scripts exist for linux, and many admins are quite comfortable with it.

Is dump deprecated?
SAmag - Managing Multi-File System Backup Using dump/restore

There are many backup schemes and tools, it really depends on the application and environment. Backing up live systems, open files and data bases can be complex & there are more than a few pitfalls which many commercial apps try to resolve. In the end, you must do your own homework & pick your poison.

A good collection of Linux Backup resources...

Some Backup Docs #pg787

I have used find + cpio for years, very flexible (scriptable + excludes) & can span partitions gets paths right.
# EXCLUDE='^./lost\+found$|\.rpm$'
# find /home -xdev -depth -print | egrep -v ${EXCLUDE} | cpio -dumpav /mnt/backup

Cloning: dd, Images and MondoRescue can be useful...
Wonders of 'dd' and 'netcat': Cloning OS harddrives
Mondo Rescue
Ghost for Linux + NTFS Disk Image Cloning - supports network imaging
g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs - BSD based

Snapshots are another popular solution...
Create Incremental Snapshot-style Backups With rSync And SSH - HowtoForge
Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync
rsnapshot HOWTO
Dirvish - fast, disk based, rotating network backup system
Configuring and Using Dirvish for Snapshot Backups

Bacula - the Network Backup Tool for Linux, Unix, and Windows


Art Wildman -
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