Re: [PATCH 01/26] cifs: Fix duplicate fscache cookie warnings

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Jeff Layton <jlayton@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > +struct cifs_fscache_inode_key {
> > +
> > +	__le64  uniqueid;	/* server inode number */
> > +	__le64  createtime;	/* creation time on server */
> > +	u8	type;		/* S_IFMT file type */
> > +} __packed;
> > +
> Interesting. So the uniqueid of the inode is not unique within the fs?
> Or are the clients are mounting shares that span multiple filesystems?
> Or, are we looking at a situation where the uniqueid is being quickly
> reused for new inodes after the original inode is unlinked?

The problem is that it's not unique over time.  creat(); unlink(); creat();
may yield a repeat of the uniqueid.  It's like i_ino in that respect.


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