Re: [PATCH v1] netfs: use kfree_sensitive() instend of kfree() in fscache_free_cookie()

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Minjie Du <duminjie@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  linux-cachefs@xxxxxxxxxx (moderated
>  list:FILESYSTEMS [NETFS LIBRARY]), linux-fsdevel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (open
>  list:FILESYSTEMS [NETFS LIBRARY]), linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (open list)

In future, could you edit the comments out of the email addresses, please?

> key might contain private information, so use kfree_sensitive to free it.
> In fscache_free_cookie() use kfree_sensitive().

There's no real point.  These are written as filenames (possibly base64-ish
encoded) on disk by cachefiles and represent the information given to the
server to indicate the file (in afs, for example, that's cell name, volume
name, vnode number).


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