[PATCH 0/5] misc filesystems: simplify sysctl registration

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This simplifies syctl registration for a few misc filesystems according
to our latest preference / guidance [0]. register_sysctl_table() incurs
possible recursion and we can avoid that by dealing with flat
directories with files in them, and having the subdirectories explicitly
named with register_sysctl().

As we phase these callers out we can deprecate / remove register_sysctl_table()

If you're a maintainer feel free to pick up the patch or I'm also happy
to take it through sysctl-next if you like. These don't create
conflicts so there is no requirement they go throug sysclt-next at all.

I can pick up stragglers later.

[0] https://lore.kernel.org/all/20230310223947.3917711-1-mcgrof@xxxxxxxxxx/T/#u     

Luis Chamberlain (5):
  fs/cachefiles: simplify one-level sysctl registration for
  devpts: simplify two-level sysctl registration for pty_kern_table
  quota: simplify two-level sysctl registration for fs_dqstats_table
  coda: simplify one-level sysctl registration for coda_table
  ntfs: simplfy one-level sysctl registration for ntfs_sysctls

 fs/cachefiles/error_inject.c | 11 +----------
 fs/coda/sysctl.c             | 11 +----------
 fs/devpts/inode.c            | 20 +-------------------
 fs/ntfs/sysctl.c             | 12 +-----------
 fs/quota/dquot.c             | 20 +-------------------
 5 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 69 deletions(-)


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