Re: Bayes Statistical Bogofilter is a little bit crazy

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Hmmm, I see, my secondary mail account get all messages from
the list... including the ones from my primary EMail.

The question is:  Why does my primary Mailaccount does not
                  get any messages?

The mail.log is empty.  I see only as destination my secondary
EMail, which mean, <> seems to be set to "nomail"
but how can I change this?

When I used mutt, it was no problem, because my secondary EMail
is a private mailinglist archiver and the "Maildir" is shard on
my mailserver.  But now with squirrelmail (Webmail), it does not
work anymore.

Am 2018-03-12 hackte Michelle Konzack in die Tasten:
> Hello *,
> For every message (exept ones with useless contents) I write,
> I get this error message:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                            UNDELIVERABLE MAIL
> Your message to the following recipients cannot be delivered:
>  <linux-c-programming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> []:
>  >>> DATA
>  <<< 550 5.7.1 Content-Policy accept-into-freezer-1 msg: Bayes
> Statistical Bogofilter considers this message SPAM.  BF:<S 0.9961>
> In case you disagree, send the ENTIRE message plus this error
> message to <postmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ; S1750830AbeCLFjB
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The POSTMASTER does not answer to my requests.
> How can someone post here on the list a problem?  Does the List
> boycot Estonia?  The subject is "Problem compiling source package
> (Estonian eID Software)"
> To my last message (list status) I got this into my mail logs:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 2018-03-12T06:46:09.201921+01:00 mail courieresmtp  - -
> id=0000000000001F47.5AA6141F.000073E0,from=<linux4michelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,addr=<linux-c-programming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> 250 2.7.0 nothing apparently wrong in the message. BF:<U 0.794787>;
> S1751234AbeCLFqI
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> And then I do not get ANY messages from this list, even if I am
> subscribed already since more then 12 years on the kernel list
> (I coded in the past some modules).

Thanks in advance

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400

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