Re: What compiler is doing when we pass unnecessary parameters in scanf

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RAM_LOCK wrote:

> In the second scenario what value is it printing when i have given extra
> parameter in scanf?
> Does it vary from compiler to compiler?

>         scanf ("p:%d",&p);
>         i = (p*5*5)/100;
>         printf ("Interterest is : %f\n",i);
> }
> root@kaushik_Fedora11 ~/C/LET_US_C/ch-1> ./a.out
> enter the principal amount
> 100
> Interterest is : -9321198.000000

The p: isn't matched in the input, so scanf() skips the following %d
conversion, leaving p unchanged. So p will contain garbage (i.e. 
whatever value happened to be stored in that memory location already).

Glynn Clements <glynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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