Re: [PATCH] Bluetooth: qca: Support downloading board id specific NVM for WCN7850

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On 19/04/2024 09:04, quic_zijuhu wrote:
>>  	/* Download NVM configuration */
>> @@ -751,8 +764,7 @@ int qca_uart_setup(struct hci_dev *hdev, uint8_t baudrate,
>>  				 "qca/hpnv%02x.bin", rom_ver);
>>  			break;
>>  		case QCA_WCN7850:
>> -			snprintf(config.fwname, sizeof(config.fwname),
>> -				 "qca/hmtnv%02x.bin", rom_ver);
>> +			qca_get_nvm_name_generic(&config, "hmt", rom_ver, boardid);
>>  			break;
>>  		default:
> Hi luiz, marcel,
> could you code review for this change since a new product needs this
> change ?

What does your internal guide (go/upstream) tell you about pinging after
two days?

Best regards,

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