Re: Bluetooth kernel BUG with Intel AX211 (regression in 6.1.83)

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Hi Paul,

On Sun, Apr 21, 2024 at 11:01 PM Paul Menzel <pmenzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Would you be so kind to go the extra mail, and bisect the commit between
> 6.1.82 and 6.1.83 [1]?

Thanks for the link to the instructions, here's the bisect log:

git bisect start
# status: waiting for both good and bad commits
# good: [d7543167affd372819a94879b8b1e8b9b12547d9] Linux 6.1.82
git bisect good d7543167affd372819a94879b8b1e8b9b12547d9
# status: waiting for bad commit, 1 good commit known
# bad: [e5cd595e23c1a075359a337c0e5c3a4f2dc28dd1] Linux 6.1.83
git bisect bad e5cd595e23c1a075359a337c0e5c3a4f2dc28dd1
# bad: [440e278cb53b8dd6627c32e84950350083c39d35] net: kcm: fix
incorrect parameter validation in the kcm_getsockopt) function
git bisect bad 440e278cb53b8dd6627c32e84950350083c39d35
# good: [a4116bd6ee5e1c1b65a61ed9221657615a2f45bf] arm64: dts:
imx8mm-kontron: Disable pull resistors for SD card signals on BL OSM-S
git bisect good a4116bd6ee5e1c1b65a61ed9221657615a2f45bf
# good: [e16c33dd9967b7f20987bf653acc4f605836127b] net: mctp: copy skb
ext data when fragmenting
git bisect good e16c33dd9967b7f20987bf653acc4f605836127b
# bad: [6083089ab00631617f9eac678df3ab050a9d837a] Bluetooth: hci_conn:
Consolidate code for aborting connections
git bisect bad 6083089ab00631617f9eac678df3ab050a9d837a
# good: [934212a623cbab851848b6de377eb476718c3e4c] SUNRPC: fix some
memleaks in gssx_dec_option_array
git bisect good 934212a623cbab851848b6de377eb476718c3e4c
# good: [8499af0616cf76e6cbe811107e3f5b33bd472041] igb: Fix missing
time sync events
git bisect good 8499af0616cf76e6cbe811107e3f5b33bd472041
# good: [653a17a99d752ffde175d4bc96154f2a3642f400] Bluetooth: Remove
superfluous call to hci_conn_check_pending()
git bisect good 653a17a99d752ffde175d4bc96154f2a3642f400
# good: [1023de27cd1d0d692e70fe6d6d5cee9fff9b9c84] Bluetooth: Cancel
sync command before suspend and power off
git bisect good 1023de27cd1d0d692e70fe6d6d5cee9fff9b9c84
# good: [ac7a47aaa7944efc94e4fc23cc438b7bd9cc222c] Bluetooth:
hci_sync: Only allow hci_cmd_sync_queue if running
git bisect good ac7a47aaa7944efc94e4fc23cc438b7bd9cc222c
# first bad commit: [6083089ab00631617f9eac678df3ab050a9d837a]
Bluetooth: hci_conn: Consolidate code for aborting connections

> You can pipe the output through `scripts/decodecode` and it should show
> more information.

This was the output of running the dmesg snippet through `scripts/decodecode`:

All code
   0:   fe                      (bad)
   1:   ff 0f                   decl   (%rdi)
   3:   0b 48 89                or     -0x77(%rax),%ecx
   6:   f2 48 89 fe             repnz mov %rdi,%rsi
   a:   48 c7 c7 48 18 7a 9f    mov    $0xffffffff9f7a1848,%rdi
  11:   e8 14 a1 fe ff          call   0xfffffffffffea12a
  16:   0f 0b                   ud2
  18:   48 89 fe                mov    %rdi,%rsi
  1b:   48 89 ca                mov    %rcx,%rdx
  1e:   48 c7 c7 10 18 7a 9f    mov    $0xffffffff9f7a1810,%rdi
  25:   e8 00 a1 fe ff          call   0xfffffffffffea12a
  2a:*  0f 0b                   ud2             <-- trapping instruction
  2c:   48 89 fe                mov    %rdi,%rsi
  2f:   48 c7 c7 d8 17 7a 9f    mov    $0xffffffff9f7a17d8,%rdi
  36:   e8 ef a0 fe ff          call   0xfffffffffffea12a
  3b:   0f 0b                   ud2
  3d:   48 89 fe                mov    %rdi,%rsi

Code starting with the faulting instruction
   0:   0f 0b                   ud2
   2:   48 89 fe                mov    %rdi,%rsi
   5:   48 c7 c7 d8 17 7a 9f    mov    $0xffffffff9f7a17d8,%rdi
   c:   e8 ef a0 fe ff          call   0xfffffffffffea100
  11:   0f 0b                   ud2
  13:   48 89 fe                mov    %rdi,%rsi

Best regards,

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