Re: [PATCH BlueZ 1/1] Refactor btd_device_is_connected

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On 4/4/24 07:59, Luiz Augusto von Dentz wrote:

diff --git a/src/adapter.c b/src/adapter.c
index 4bcc464de..0b7aab4b5 100644
--- a/src/adapter.c
+++ b/src/adapter.c
@@ -7486,7 +7486,7 @@ static void adapter_remove_connection(struct btd_adapter *adapter,
                 device_cancel_authentication(device, TRUE);

         /* If another bearer is still connected */
-       if (btd_device_is_connected(device))
+       if (btd_device_state_is_connected(device))

Perhaps btd_device_bearer_is_connected would be a better name.

Thanks, I'll rename.

I guess the problem is that some service is indicating it is still
connected though?

Newbie question for sure, but: As this is happening in the code path for "disabling bluetooth", shouldn't services already be disconnected here?


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