RE: [v1,1/4] Bluetooth: hci_core: Fix possible buffer overflow

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Dear submitter,

Thank you for submitting the patches to the linux bluetooth mailing list.
This is a CI test results with your patch series:
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---Test result---

Test Summary:
CheckPatch                    PASS      1.98 seconds
GitLint                       PASS      0.78 seconds
SubjectPrefix                 PASS      0.23 seconds
BuildKernel                   PASS      27.62 seconds
CheckAllWarning               PASS      30.48 seconds
CheckSparse                   PASS      36.06 seconds
CheckSmatch                   PASS      99.43 seconds
BuildKernel32                 PASS      26.97 seconds
TestRunnerSetup               PASS      494.99 seconds
TestRunner_l2cap-tester       PASS      18.05 seconds
TestRunner_iso-tester         PASS      28.19 seconds
TestRunner_bnep-tester        PASS      4.74 seconds
TestRunner_mgmt-tester        PASS      111.81 seconds
TestRunner_rfcomm-tester      PASS      7.28 seconds
TestRunner_sco-tester         PASS      14.85 seconds
TestRunner_ioctl-tester       PASS      7.76 seconds
TestRunner_mesh-tester        PASS      5.79 seconds
TestRunner_smp-tester         PASS      6.81 seconds
TestRunner_userchan-tester    PASS      4.95 seconds
IncrementalBuild              PASS      39.12 seconds

Linux Bluetooth

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