Re: Re: [PATCH BlueZ v2 00/10] Distribution inspired fixes

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Hello Luiz,

Due to a bug in the CI bot, I've scraped this off the ML. Hope it's
not too badly formatted :-)

> Here is the summary with links:
>  - [BlueZ,v2,01/10] Return at least the title attribute from player_list_metadata()
>  - [BlueZ,v2,02/10] adapter: Remove experimental flag for PowerState
>  - [BlueZ,v2,03/10] test: consistently use /usr/bin/env python3 shebang
>  - [BlueZ,v2,04/10] profiles: remove unused suspend-dummy.c
>  - [BlueZ,v2,05/10] obex: remove unused syncevolution plugin
>    (no matching commit)
>  - [BlueZ,v2,06/10] obex: remove unused mas/messages-tracker impl
>    (no matching commit)
>  - [BlueZ,v2,07/10] obex: remove phonebook tracker backend
>    (no matching commit)
>  - [BlueZ,v2,08/10] build: ship all config files with --enable-datafiles
>  - [BlueZ,v2,09/10] obex: Use GLib helper function to manipulate paths
>    (no matching commit)
>  - [BlueZ,v2,10/10] Allow using obexd without systemd in the user session

Massive thanks for applying the above.

Out of curiosity: is there anything wrong with the few remaining ones?
I had a look through the ML archives on as well as my
inbox and could not find any replies.


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