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  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/bluez/bluez
  Commit: f2671bf8f951c84fbdd0c463c64c9aa3299a7e9a
  Author: Sam Lantinga <slouken@xxxxxxxxxx>
  Date:   2024-02-12 (Mon, 12 Feb 2024)

  Changed paths:
    M profiles/audio/avrcp.c

  Log Message:
  Return at least the title attribute from player_list_metadata()

This fixes Bluetooth AVRCP certification test AVRCP/TG/MDI/BV-04-C,
which requires a valid response from the get_element_attributes command.

  Commit: d3aeae79de4b2f54602498e39a4c7894b0780b9d
  Author: Bastien Nocera <hadess@xxxxxxxxxx>
  Date:   2024-02-12 (Mon, 12 Feb 2024)

  Changed paths:
    M src/adapter.c

  Log Message:
  adapter: Remove experimental flag for PowerState

Now that the feature has been tested, that the API is deemed adequate
and the reliability sufficient.

[Emil Velikov]
The feature has landed in Sept 2022, with inclinations that "we might
switch it to stable in the next release", back in Nov 2022.

Today - a bit over 1 year later -  various distributions (Fedora, Gentoo
and by extension their derivatives) are carrying this patch. I think we
can say we're reasonably stable and can merge it upstream.

  Commit: d31f04aa928ae8fb7a4fc5b0876dd17ea65d4513
  Author: Emil Velikov <emil.velikov@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Date:   2024-02-12 (Mon, 12 Feb 2024)

  Changed paths:
    M test/agent.py
    M test/example-adv-monitor
    M test/example-advertisement
    M test/example-endpoint
    M test/example-player
    M test/exchange-business-cards
    M test/ftp-client
    M test/get-managed-objects
    M test/get-obex-capabilities
    M test/list-devices
    M test/list-folders
    M test/map-client
    M test/monitor-bluetooth
    M test/opp-client
    M test/pbap-client
    M test/simple-agent
    M test/simple-endpoint
    M test/simple-obex-agent
    M test/simple-player
    M test/test-adapter
    M test/test-device
    M test/test-discovery
    M test/test-gatt-profile
    M test/test-health
    M test/test-health-sink
    M test/test-hfp
    M test/test-manager
    M test/test-nap
    M test/test-network
    M test/test-profile
    M test/test-sap-server

  Log Message:
  test: consistently use /usr/bin/env python3 shebang

Currently we have a mix of /usr/bin/python, /usr/bin/python3 and
/usr/bin/env python3. Use the latter since is the more common way of
handling this, plus it allows people to override the system python (for
what ever reason).

Inspired by a Debian patch, doing a mass /usr/bin/python{,3} conversion.

Cc: Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <iwamatsu@xxxxxxxxxx>

  Commit: 1313351f7144e0cec5fe7a25cbe50fc5bd796b5f
  Author: Emil Velikov <emil.velikov@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Date:   2024-02-12 (Mon, 12 Feb 2024)

  Changed paths:
    M Makefile.plugins
    R profiles/input/suspend-dummy.c

  Log Message:
  profiles: remove unused suspend-dummy.c

The file has been used for about 8 years now - see commit
fb55b7a6ab48c4f782b16030e051029bcfa93e07 ("profiles/hog: Use no suspend
support instead of the dummy FIFO").

Inspired by a Debian patch by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu, which was changing the
/tmp/hogsuspend socket patch to /run. Looking through the codebase we
have a few more sockets that could use a to /run fix, but that will
follow-up at another day.

Cc: Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <iwamatsu@xxxxxxxxxx>

  Commit: be0e796299b0e7a73bf06c5655b56180588550b0
  Author: Emil Velikov <emil.velikov@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Date:   2024-02-13 (Tue, 13 Feb 2024)

  Changed paths:
    M Makefile.am
    M Makefile.mesh

  Log Message:
  build: ship all config files with --enable-datafiles

Currently we ship only the dbus/systemd policy files and omit the other
four - /etc/bluetooth/{main,mesh-main,input,network}.conf.

Outside of those files, there is no documentation what the defaults are
and the other possible options. A number of distributions (Arch, Gentoo,
Fedora) have opted to manually copy those into the package. Alas this
does not scale and leaves other distros at disadvantage, in a sense.

Note: we need a custom install target to ensure confdir and statedir
have the correct permissions.

  Commit: b16b19885c5383cd0499503617b98ceb188c898e
  Author: Giovanni Campagna <gcampagna-cNUdlRotFMnNLxjTenLetw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Date:   2024-02-13 (Tue, 13 Feb 2024)

  Changed paths:
    M Makefile.obexd
    M configure.ac
    R obexd/src/org.bluez.obex.service
    A obexd/src/org.bluez.obex.service.in

  Log Message:
  Allow using obexd without systemd in the user session

Not all sessions run systemd --user and in some cases one may be missing
systemd all together.

Provide the correct path instead of /bin/false, allowing dbus to start
the service in such cases.

DBUS implementations can ignore the Exec line all together when run in
systemd aware mode - at least the OG dbus does that. So ultimately this
change is a no-op for the systemd --user case.

On my system, this is literally the only non-system service which uses

Compare: https://github.com/bluez/bluez/compare/41c7f3af0352...b16b19885c53

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