Re: Re: [RFC 9/9] PCI/pwrctl: add a PCI power control driver for power sequenced devices

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On Fri, Feb 02, 2024 at 02:05:59PM +0100, Bartosz Golaszewski wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 2, 2024 at 5:03 AM Bjorn Andersson <andersson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > On Thu, Feb 01, 2024 at 04:55:32PM +0100, Bartosz Golaszewski wrote:
> > > From: Bartosz Golaszewski <bartosz.golaszewski@xxxxxxxxxx>
> > >
> > > Add a PCI power control driver that's capable of correctly powering up
> > > devices using the power sequencing subsystem. For now we support the
> > > ath11k module on QCA6390.
> > >
> >
> > For a PCI device which doesn't share resources with something on another
> > bus, the whole power sequencing would be implemented in a driver like
> > this - without the involvement of the power sequence framework.
> >
> Yes, this is what I did in the previous incarnation of this code[1].
> (I know, I should have linked it here. My bad, I will do it next time).
> > I think it would be nice to see this series introduce a simple
> > pci_pwrctl driver, and then (in the same series) introduce the power
> > sequence framework and your PMU driver.
> >
> I disagree. I was initially annoyed by Dmitry asking me to do a lot
> more work than anticipated but he's right after all. WLAN and BT
> consuming what is really the PMU's inputs is simply not the actual
> representation. That's why we should make it a pwrseq user IMO.

If the PMU registers the "internal" output regulators, then PCI device
would consume the PCI outputs of the PMU, the BT device would consume
the BT outputs of the PMU. The PMU requests inputs enabled and drives
BT_EN and WLAN_EN according to which subset of these output regulators
are enabled.

Pretty much exactly as "regulator-fixes" isn't a pwrseq device.


> > One case where such model would be appropriate is the XHCI controller
> > (uPD720201) on db845c. Today we describe vddpe-3p3-supply as a supply on
> > the PCI controller, but it should have been vdd33-supply, vdd10-supply,
> > avdd33-supply on the PCI device.
> Sounds like a good second user then!
> >
> > That would provide an example for how a simple PCI power control driver
> > can/should look like, and we can discuss the PCI pieces separate from
> > the introduction of the new power sequence framework (which is unrelated
> > to PCI).
> I agree it's unrelated and it could possibly go upstream separately
> but the particular use-case on RB5 (and other Qcom platforms) requires
> both the PCI and generic power sequencing to be addressed.
> Bart
> [snip]
> [1]

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