Re: [PATCH v8 3/3] Bluetooth: NXP: Add protocol support for NXP Bluetooth chipsets

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On Fri, 10 Mar 2023, Neeraj Sanjay Kale wrote:

> This adds a driver based on serdev driver for the NXP BT serial protocol
> based on running H:4, which can enable the built-in Bluetooth device
> inside an NXP BT chip.
> This driver has Power Save feature that will put the chip into sleep state
> whenever there is no activity for 2000ms, and will be woken up when any
> activity is to be initiated over UART.
> This driver enables the power save feature by default by sending the vendor
> specific commands to the chip during setup.
> During setup, the driver checks if a FW is already running on the chip
> by waiting for the bootloader signature, and downloads device specific FW
> file into the chip over UART if bootloader signature is received..
> Signed-off-by: Neeraj Sanjay Kale <neeraj.sanjaykale@xxxxxxx>
> ---

> v8: Move bootloader signature handling to a separate function. Add
> select CRC32 to Kconfig file. (Ilpo Järvinen)

> +config BT_NXPUART
> +	tristate "NXP protocol support"
> +	depends on SERIAL_DEV_BUS
> +	help
> +	  NXP is serial driver required for NXP Bluetooth
> +	  devices with UART interface.
> +
> +	  Say Y here to compile support for NXP Bluetooth UART device into
> +	  the kernel, or say M here to compile as a module (btnxpuart).
> +
> +

The select change in not there.


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