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On Mon, 20 Nov 2023 13:24:53 +0800, Coly Li wrote:
> Here are recent bcache patches tested by me on Linux v6.7-rc1 and can be
> applied on branch block-6.7 of linux-block tree.
> In this series, Colin provids useful code cleanup, some small and still
> important fixes are contributed from Mingzhe, Rand. Also there are some
> fixes and a code comments patch from me.
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[01/10] bcache: avoid oversize memory allocation by small stripe_size
        commit: baf8fb7e0e5ec54ea0839f0c534f2cdcd79bea9c
[02/10] bcache: check return value from btree_node_alloc_replacement()
        commit: 777967e7e9f6f5f3e153abffb562bffaf4430d26
[03/10] bcache: remove redundant assignment to variable cur_idx
        commit: be93825f0e6428c2d3f03a6e4d447dc48d33d7ff
[04/10] bcache: prevent potential division by zero error
        commit: 2c7f497ac274a14330208b18f6f734000868ebf9
[05/10] bcache: fixup init dirty data errors
        commit: 7cc47e64d3d69786a2711a4767e26b26ba63d7ed
[06/10] bcache: fixup lock c->root error
        commit: e34820f984512b433ee1fc291417e60c47d56727
[07/10] bcache: fixup multi-threaded bch_sectors_dirty_init() wake-up race
        commit: 2faac25d7958c4761bb8cec54adb79f806783ad6
[08/10] bcache: replace a mistaken IS_ERR() by IS_ERR_OR_NULL() in btree_gc_coalesce()
        commit: f72f4312d4388376fc8a1f6cf37cb21a0d41758b
[09/10] bcache: add code comments for bch_btree_node_get() and __bch_btree_node_alloc()
        commit: 31f5b956a197d4ec25c8a07cb3a2ab69d0c0b82f
[10/10] bcache: avoid NULL checking to c->root in run_cache_set()
        commit: 3eba5e0b2422aec3c9e79822029599961fdcab97

Best regards,
Jens Axboe

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