Re: bcache attach

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What is the kernel version and bcache-tools version?

Normally default setup won’t trigger this situation, what is the set’s block size and the backing device block size on your setup?

Coly Li

> 2023年8月12日 04:34,Josias Wolhuter <josias@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 写道:
> ah. I see from dmesg
> [ 8872.792317] bcache: bch_cached_dev_attach() Couldn't attach sdb1: block size less than set's block size
> [ 8872.792323] bcache: __cached_dev_store() Can't attach b43b13cf-32b1-4e5a-af7d-27b6d246662d
>              : cache set not found
> but maybe warn in the manual/wiki
> On 2023/08/11 21:19, Josias Wolhuter wrote:
>> Hi
>> Sorry to bug you (pun intended)
>> I get this
>> [root@ivan ~]# echo b43b13cf-32b1-4e5a-af7d-27b6d246662d  >/sys/block/bcache0/bcache/attach
>> -bash: echo: write error: No such file or directory
>> but
>> bcache-super-show /dev/nvme1n1p1
>> ***
>> cset.uuid        b43b13cf-32b1-4e5a-af7d-27b6d246662d
>> bcache-super-show /dev/sdb1
>> ***
>>    0 [detached]
>> cset.uuid        00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
>> One unusual thing I did was to set the cache device block size differently/seperately from the backing device.  but dont see mention of such a difference in the manual or online
>> Cheers

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