Re: Bcache btree cache size bug

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> 2023年5月4日 22:38,Benard Bsc <benard_bsc@xxxxxxxxxxx> 写道:
> I've tried to upgrade the system to the latest kernel available: 5.4.0-139 and I have attempted to swap out the raid controller in case it was faulty but none of those things have helped the situation. Once again even within the same deployment 2 nodes are experiencing this problem but another one is fine, despite the fact that they all seem to be the same.
> Is there anything else that can be checked/done besides upgrading the distro? Since this is a HWE kernel I was under the impression that it should be supported until 2028. Are there any hidden configuration parameters which could have perhaps caused this issue? 
> Regards
> Benard
> From: Benard Bsc <benard_bsc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: 10 February 2023 10:44
> To: Andrea Tomassetti <andrea.tomassetti-opensource@xxxxxxxx>
> Cc: linux-bcache@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <linux-bcache@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Bcache btree cache size bug 
> On Thu, 2023-02-09 at 17:07 +0100, Andrea Tomassetti wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 9, 2023 at 1:22 PM <benard_bsc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I believe I have found a bug in bcache where the btree grows out of
>>> control and makes operations like garbage collection take a very
>>> large
>>> amount of time affecting client IO. I can see periodic periods
>>> where
>>> bcache devices stop responding to client IO and the cache device
>>> starts
>>> doing a lage amount of reads. In order to test the above I
>>> triggered gc
>>> manually using 'echo 1 > trigger_gc' and observing the cache set.
>>> Once
>>> again a large amount of reads start happening on the cache device
>>> and
>>> all the bcache devices of that cache set stop responding. I believe
>>> this is becouse gc blocks all client IO while its happening (might
>>> be
>>> wrong). Checking the stats I can see that the
>>> 'btree_gc_average_duration_ms'  is almost 2 minutes
>>> (btree_gc_average_duration_ms) which seems excessively large to me.
>>> Furthermore doing something like checking bset_tree_stats will just
>>> hang and cause a similar performance impact.
>>> An interesting thing to note is that after garbage collection the
>>> number of btree nodes is lower but the btree cache actually grows
>>> in
>>> size.
>>> Example:
>>> /sys/fs/bcache/c_set# cat btree_cache_size
>>> 5.2G
>>> /sys/fs/bcache/c_set# cat internal/btree_nodes
>>> 28318
>>> /sys/fs/bcache/c_set# cat average_key_size
>>> 25.2k
>>> Just for reference I have a similar environment (which is busier
>>> and
>>> has more data stored) which doesnt experience this issue and the
>>> numbers for the above are:
>>> /sys/fs/bcache/c_set# cat btree_cache_size
>>> 840.5M
>>> /sys/fs/bcache/c_set# cat internal/btree_nodes
>>> 3827
>>> /sys/fs/bcache/c_set# cat average_key_size
>>> 88.3k
>>> Kernel version: 5.4.0-122-generic
>>> OS version: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS
>> Hi Bernard,
>> your linux distro and kernel version are quite old. There are good
>> chances that things got fixed in the meanwhile. Would it be possible
>> for you to try to reproduce your bug with a newer kernel?
>> Regards,
>> Andrea
>>> bcache-tools package: 1.0.8-2ubuntu0.18.04.1
>>> I am able to provide more info if needed
>>> Regards
> Hi Andrea,
> Thank you very much for your email. Unfortunately due to the nature of
> this system and the other software running on it I am unable to upgrade
> the kernel/distro at the moment. I am also unsure that I will be able
> to reproduce this bug as even on other deployments with the same
> version of bcache/kernel this problem does not seem to be happening. Is
> there some information I can gather from the existing environment
> without changing the software versions?

The patches which limit B+tree node in-memory cache were merged in Linux v5.6, if the kernel you used doesn’t have these patches backported, the mentioned situation may still exist.

For non-distro kernel, the latest kernel might be a choice. For distro kernel, it can be helpful if the distro kernel maintainers have the bcache fixes in.

Coly Li 

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