Re: Writeback cache all used.

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> 2023年5月3日 04:34,Eric Wheeler <bcache@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 写道:
> On Thu, 20 Apr 2023, Adriano Silva wrote:
>> I continue to investigate the situation. There is actually a performance 
>> gain when the bcache device is only half filled versus full. There is a 
>> reduction and greater stability in the latency of direct writes and this 
>> improves my scenario.
> Hi Coly, have you been able to look at this?
> This sounds like a great optimization and Adriano is in a place to test 
> this now and report his findings.
> I think you said this should be a simple hack to add early reclaim, so 
> maybe you can throw a quick patch together (even a rough first-pass with 
> hard-coded reclaim values)
> If we can get back to Adriano quickly then he can test while he has an 
> easy-to-reproduce environment.  Indeed, this could benefit all bcache 
> users.

My current to-do list on hand is a little bit long. Yes I’d like and plan to do it, but the response time cannot be estimated.

Coly Li


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