Re: [RFC PATCH 00/30] Code tagging framework and applications

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On Thu 08-09-22 03:29:50, Kent Overstreet wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 08, 2022 at 09:12:45AM +0200, Michal Hocko wrote:
> > Then you have probably missed a huge part of my emails. Please
> > re-read. If those arguments are not clear, feel free to ask for
> > clarification. Reducing the whole my reasoning and objections to the
> > sentence above and calling that vapid and lazy is not only unfair but
> > also disrespectful.
> What, where you complained about slab's page allocations showing up in the
> profile instead of slab, and I pointed out to you that actually each and every
> slab call is instrumented, and you're just seeing some double counting (that we
> will no doubt fix?)
> Or when you complained about allocation sites where it should actually be the
> caller that should be instrumented, and I pointed out that it'd be quite easy to
> simply change that code to use _kmalloc() and slab_tag_add() directly, if it
> becomes an issue.
> Of course, if we got that far, we'd have this code to thank for telling us where
> to look!
> Did I miss anything?

Feel free to reponse to specific arguments as I wrote them. I won't
repeat them again. Sure we can discuss how important/relevant those
are. And that _can_ be a productive discussion.

Michal Hocko

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