Re: seeking a creative songwriting solution.

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There seems to be some confusion about exactly what you would like (or at
least I am a little confused), so perhaps some clarification can help.

On Sun, May 15, 2022 5:24 pm, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> honestly, I do not have a direct Linux box itself, I use shells, because I
> have yet to find an adaptive workable tool...

I am not sure what you mean by the term adaptive.  Do you have some sight
impairment like Jeanette and need tools that can accomodate that, or do
you just mean a tool that can adapt to your preferred work flow?

> How possible might it be to  use  your singing voice for composing?
> what I mean is to sing the parts into your software of choice, then  using
> that software to first add the orchestrations, playback etc., then produce
> that music in printable form?

What exactly do you want when you use the term composing?
Of course you can use a multi-track recorder and layer harmonies with your

By the term add orchestrations, do you mean add additional instruments in
addition to your vocal parts (which is of course possible with multi-track
recording), or do you mean convert the vocal parts into other
Do you want to convert to MIDI data to drive synthesizers or samplers to
mimic traditional orchestration?  And preferably convert to conventional
music notation as a final step?

Depending on what workflow you would like, I suspect that pitch-to-MIDI
may be the term you are looking for.  That would involve recording a vocal
part, sending to pitch-to-MIDI to convert to MIDI data, then editing that
data to correct any errors in transcription, shift up or down by octaves
to account for differences between vocal range and instrument range, add
details which are difficult to sing, etc.

Chris Caudle
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