Updates of zita-audiotools and zita-jacktools

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Hello all,

zita-audiotools-1.3.0 and zita-jacktools-1.6.0 are now available at

If you have previous versions, installing these updates will require
some extra work. This is for two reasons:

* The python package names have changed:
    audiotools -> zita_audiotools
    jacktools  -> zita_jacktools

* The setup.py files now use setuptools instead of the deprecated
  distutils, and will install a python 'egg' directory.

This requires the following actions:

* Before installation, remove all traces of any previous versions
  from your python site-packages directory. Then just make; sudo
  make install; sudo make clean.

* In existing applications, the import statements must be modified
  to refer to the new package names.

Thanks to Marc Lavallée for both suggesting the name change and
testing the new releases.



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