New soundbank for Yoshimi

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Hey hey,
today I released Jeanny's Genius for Yoshimi, version 0.5 with 68 single instruments - including three drumkits - and three patchsets.

All sounds are categorised and include contact information in the copyright field, in case of issues or feedback. The sounds have been tested with 2.1.2, but should be compatible with Yoshimi 1.5.x.

This version includes the star choir patches, based on live vocal recordings. These can be heard prominently in "Lovestruck":
As well as all Yoshimi sounds used in Silver, my entry for the lst open source Nexus Music Challenge:
And the sounds used from Yoshimi's birthday song:

Share and enjoy,


 * Website: - for summer is a state of sound
 * Youtube:
 * Audiobombs:
 * GitHub:

Here I go, on my own now <3
(Britney Spears)
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