Re: [PATCH v5 0/5] PCI: dwc: Add support for integrating HDMA with DWC EP driver

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> This series adds support for integrating HDMA with the DWC EP driver.
> Hyper DMA (HDMA) is already supported by the dw-edma dmaengine driver.
> Unlike it's predecessor Embedded DMA (eDMA), HDMA supports only unroll
> mapping format and doesn't support auto detecting the read/write channels.
> Hence, this series modifies the existing eDMA code to work with HDMA by
> honoring the platform supplied mapping format and read/write channels
> count.
> The platform drivers making use of HDMA should pass the EDMA_MF_HDMA_NATIVE
> flag and provide channels count. In this series, HDMA support is added for
> the Qcom SA8775P SoC and the DMA support in enabled in MHI EPF driver as
> well.
> Testing
> -------
> Tested on Qualcomm SA8775P Ride board.
> Dependency
> ----------
> Depends on:
> NOTE: I've taken over this series from Mrinmay who posted v1:

Applied to qcom, thank you!

[01/05] PCI: dwc: Refactor dw_pcie_edma_find_chip() API
[02/05] PCI: dwc: Skip finding eDMA channels count for HDMA platforms
[03/05] PCI: dwc: Pass the eDMA mapping format flag directly from glue drivers
[04/05] PCI: qcom-ep: Add HDMA support for SA8775P SoC
[05/05] PCI: epf-mhi: Enable HDMA for SA8775P SoC


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