Re: [RFC WIP PATCH] venus: add qcom,no-low-power property

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On 10/04/2024 14:14, Bryan O'Donoghue wrote:
On 10/04/2024 13:23, Marc Gonzalez wrote:
FWIW, I get the same behavior with 854x480 and 2560x1440:

1) If mpv runs with '--length=N' (play only part of the file)
then mpv exits cleanly, with no kernel messages.

On -next ?

I think you mentioned before you were doing your work on an older kernel and forward porting patches ?

2) If mpv plays the entire file, then mpv hangs at the end
(needs CTRL-C to exit) and driver prints to kernel:
[68643.935888] qcom-venus session error: event id:1001 (deadb000), session id:79d42000 [68643.935995] qcom-venus-decoder dec: event : 1001


#define HFI_ERR_SESSION_FATAL                0x1001

Something is causing the firmware to return this packet to you.

Probably worth tracing the last five messages sent by the firmware prior to that to see if we can root-cause.


BTW I think you've found two bugs here

1. When we receive a fatal error from firmware we don't "bug out"
   properly. So we hang forever waiting for more events which
   won't come.
   We should fix the handling of SESSION_FATAL to => termination.
   Clearly after HFI_ERR_SESSION_FATAL we should be completely done
   not hanging around waiting for additional inputs.

2. Why do we get a fatal error for the session ?
   Are we continuing to send commands to the firmware after
   termination maybe - so is there a incongruous context
   between firmware and Linux ?

I don't think either is a blocker specifically for your DTS submission so I think you should go ahead with your DTS stuff.

Also though, I think 1) we don't exit properly on HFI_ERR_SESSION_FATAL and 2) we should root-cause why HFI_ERR_SESSION_FATAL is generated at all.


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