Re: [PATCH v2 0/8] Move camss version related defs in to resources

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On 19/03/2024 17:39, Gjorgji Rosikopulos wrote:
The different resources required for different camss soc versions are
split in to two groups:

General series comment =>

You need to add your Signed-off-by: Gjorgji Rosikopulos <quic_grosikop@xxxxxxxxxxx>

for each of the patches you are submitting.

Perhaps yourself or some of the other people in the series deserve to have Co-developed-by for some of the patches too ?

I really like the reduction of code and the definition in one-place of things so definitely the right direction.

I won't do a deeper dive into the code until V3 but for reference here are the branches I verified db410c, rb3, rb5 and x13s with.




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