Re: [PATCH v1 0/8] media: qcom: camss: Add sm8550 support

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On 20/03/2024 14:42, Depeng Shao wrote:
> SM8550 is a Qualcomm flagship SoC. This series adds support to
> bring up the CSIPHY, CSID, VFE/RDI interfaces in SM8550.
> SM8550 provides
> - 3 x VFE, 3 RDI per VFE
> - 2 x VFE Lite, 4 RDI per VFE
> - 3 x CSID
> - 2 x CSID Lite
> - 8 x CSI PHY
> This series is rebased based on:
> The changes are verified on SM8550 AIM300 board, the base dts for AIM300 is

During normal development time, you are expected to post maximum 1
bigger patchset per 24h, so reviewers have chance to review.

It's merge window, so you are expected to give us more time. Posting v2
30 minutes after v1 is too often.

Best regards,

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