Re: [PATCH 2/5] clk: qcom: apss-ipq-pll: use an 1-D array for Huayra pll register offsets

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2024. 03. 18. 15:16 keltezéssel, Dmitry Baryshkov írta:


>> +static const u8 ipq_pll_huayra_regs[PLL_OFF_MAX_REGS] = {
>> +       [PLL_OFF_L_VAL] = 0x08,
>> +       [PLL_OFF_ALPHA_VAL] = 0x10,
>> +       [PLL_OFF_USER_CTL] = 0x18,
>> +       [PLL_OFF_CONFIG_CTL] = 0x20,
>> +       [PLL_OFF_CONFIG_CTL_U] = 0x24,
>> +       [PLL_OFF_STATUS] = 0x28,
>> +       [PLL_OFF_TEST_CTL] = 0x30,
>> +       [PLL_OFF_TEST_CTL_U] = 0x34,
>>  };
> Can you please move this to clk_alpha_pll? We can then drop it from
> clk-cbf-8996.c too.

Sure, I can do that. By any chance, do you have a suggestion for the name of the
new enum value to be used in the clk_alpha_pll_regs array?

CLK_ALPHA_PLL_TYPE_HUAYRA_IPQ seems too generic, and it would be a bit
misleading using that for MSM8996 CBF.

CLK_ALPHA_PLL_TYPE_HUAYRA_IPQ6018_A53 is quite long and it is also misleading.

Maybe we could use CLK_ALPHA_PLL_TYPE_IPQ6018_A53 which is short and unique
enough and we could add an alias for that like CLK_ALPHA_PLL_TYPE_MSM8996_CBF or
something similar.


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