[PATCH v2 0/8] Add updates for clock controllers to support QCM6490

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This series updates the clock controller drivers and devicetree nodes
for QCM6490 boards.

  1. Move the implementation to support the lpass resets for the SoC
  using device tree property to new SoC-specific compatible.
  2. Separate the regmap conflict warning to a new patchset.
  3. Separate patch to handle the transition delay for GDSC and the mem
  core bit update for UFS ICE clock.
  4. Separate the device tree board specific changes to handle the
  protected clocks and lpass audio clock node. Remove the unnecessary
  disables of the lpass nodes.

   1. Adding the "qcom,adsp-skip-pll" property to dt bindings.
   2. Fix to skip the lpass pll configuration on qcm6490 derivative boards.
   3. Enable the force mem core for UFS ICE clock and update the gdsc
      transition delays.
   4. Fix to add the camera titan top gdsc as parent to all camera gdscs.
   5. Update protected clocks list and disable few of the lpass clock
      controller nodes for qcm6490-idp and qcs6490-rb3gen2 platforms.
   Link to v1 - https://lore.kernel.org/all/20240208062836.19767-1-quic_tdas@xxxxxxxxxxx/

Taniya Das (8):
  dt-bindings: clock: qcom: Add compatible for QCM6490 boards
  clk: qcom: lpassaudiocc-sc7280: Add support for LPASS resets for
  clk: qcom: lpassaudiocc-sc7280: Fix the regmap conflict warning
  clk: qcom: sc7280: Update the transition delay for GDSC
  clk: qcom: gcc-sc7280: Update force mem core bit for UFS ICE clock
  clk: qcom: camcc-sc7280: Add parent dependency to all camera GDSCs
  arm64: dts: qcom: qcm6490-idp: Update protected clocks list
  arm64: dts: qcom: qcs6490-rb3gen2: Update the LPASS audio node

 .../clock/qcom,sc7280-lpasscorecc.yaml        |  1 +
 arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/qcm6490-idp.dts      | 28 ++++++++++++++++++-
 arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/qcs6490-rb3gen2.dts  |  7 ++++-
 drivers/clk/qcom/camcc-sc7280.c               | 24 ++++++++++++++++
 drivers/clk/qcom/gcc-sc7280.c                 | 13 +++++++++
 drivers/clk/qcom/gpucc-sc7280.c               |  7 +++++
 drivers/clk/qcom/lpassaudiocc-sc7280.c        | 15 ++++++++++
 drivers/clk/qcom/videocc-sc7280.c             |  7 +++++
 8 files changed, 100 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)


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