[PATCH v3 0/5] drm/msm/dpu: rework debugfs interface of dpu_core_perf

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Bring back a set of patches extracted from [1] per Abhinav's suggestion.

Rework debugging overrides for the bandwidth and clock settings. Instead
of specifying the 'mode' and some values, allow one to set the affected
value directly.

[1] https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/119552/#rev2

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Baryshkov <dmitry.baryshkov@xxxxxxxxxx>
Dmitry Baryshkov (5):
      drm/msm/dpu: don't allow overriding data from catalog
      drm/msm/dpu: core_perf: extract bandwidth aggregation function
      drm/msm/dpu: handle perf mode in _dpu_core_perf_crtc_update_bus()
      drm/msm/dpu: rework core_perf debugfs overrides
      drm/msm/dpu: drop dpu_core_perf_params::max_per_pipe_ib

 drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_core_perf.c | 160 +++++++-------------------
 drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_core_perf.h |  12 --
 drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_crtc.c      |   2 -
 3 files changed, 44 insertions(+), 130 deletions(-)
base-commit: 8ffc8b1bbd505e27e2c8439d326b6059c906c9dd
change-id: 20240314-dpu-perf-rework-97fca999eb46

Best regards,
Dmitry Baryshkov <dmitry.baryshkov@xxxxxxxxxx>

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