[PATCH 0/3] Add DT support for video clock controller on SM8150

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Also, add the index based lookup support and update the device tree
bindings as per latest convention.

Signed-off-by: Satya Priya Kakitapalli <quic_skakitap@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Satya Priya Kakitapalli (3):
      dt-bindings: clock: qcom: Update SM8150 videocc bindings
      clk: qcom: videocc-sm8150: Add index based clk lookup
      arm64: dts: qcom: sm8150: Add video clock controller node

 .../devicetree/bindings/clock/qcom,sm8450-videocc.yaml      |  1 +
 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/clock/qcom,videocc.yaml   |  3 ---
 arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/sa8155p.dtsi                       |  4 ++++
 arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/sm8150.dtsi                        | 13 +++++++++++++
 drivers/clk/qcom/videocc-sm8150.c                           |  8 ++++++--
 5 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
base-commit: 8ffc8b1bbd505e27e2c8439d326b6059c906c9dd
change-id: 20240308-videocc-sm8150-dt-node-6f163b492f7c

Best regards,
Satya Priya Kakitapalli <quic_skakitap@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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