Re: [PATCH 1/9] media: qcom: camss: Add per sub-device type resources

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On 2/27/24 13:24, Gjorgji Rosikopulos wrote:
From: Radoslav Tsvetkov <quic_rtsvetko@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Currently resources structure grows with additional parameters required for
each sub-deivce. However each sub-device has some specific resources or
configurations which need to be passed during the initialization.

This change adds per sub-device type structure to simplify the things
and removes the magical void pointer to hw_ops.

I'm not quite sure what the benefit here is, as opposed to simply
extending <name>_device?

Generally, I think the driver state as of today is somewhat backwards..

We define a common set of resources, and then assign them subdev-specific
ops, instead of defining the subdev and consuming clocks/pds/resets
within a subdevice there..


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