Re: [PATCH v3 2/3] power: supply: Add Acer Aspire 1 embedded controller driver

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Hi Nikita,

On 2/28/24 16:49, Nikita Travkin wrote:
> Hans de Goede писал(а) 26.02.2024 15:59:
>> Hi,
>> +Ilpo (fellow pdx86 maintainer)
>> On 2/23/24 15:32, Nikita Travkin wrote:
>>> Sebastian Reichel писал(а) 22.02.2024 04:41:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> On Tue, Feb 20, 2024 at 04:57:13PM +0500, Nikita Travkin wrote:
>>>>> Acer Aspire 1 is a Snapdragon 7c based laptop. It uses an embedded
>>>>> controller to control the charging and battery management, as well as to
>>>>> perform a set of misc functions.
>>>>> Unfortunately, while all this functionality is implemented in ACPI, it's
>>>>> currently not possible to use ACPI to boot Linux on such Qualcomm
>>>>> devices. To allow Linux to still support the features provided by EC,
>>>>> this driver reimplments the relevant ACPI parts. This allows us to boot
>>>>> the laptop with Device Tree and retain all the features.
>>>>> Signed-off-by: Nikita Travkin <nikita@xxxxxxx>
>>>>> ---
>>>>>  drivers/power/supply/Kconfig           |  14 +
>>>>>  drivers/power/supply/Makefile          |   1 +
>>>>>  drivers/power/supply/acer-aspire1-ec.c | 453 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>>>> I think this belongs into drivers/platform, as it handles all bits of
>>>> the EC.
>>> Hm, I initially submitted it to power/supply following the c630 driver,
>>> but I think you're right... Though I'm not sure where in platform/ I'd
>>> put this driver... (+CC Hans)
>>> Seems like most of the things live in platform/x86 but there is no i.e.
>>> platform/arm64...
>>> Hans, (as a maintainer for most things in platform/) what do you think
>>> would be the best place to put this (and at least two more I'd expect)
>>> driver in inside platform/? And can we handle it through the
>>> platform-driver-x86 list?
>> I guess that adding a drivers/platform/aarch64 map for this makes
>> sense, with some comments in the Makefile and in the Kconfig
>> help explaining that this is for PC/laptop style EC drivers,
>> which combine multiple logical functions in one, only!
>> Assuming that we are only going to use this for such EC drivers,
>> using the platform-driver-x86 mailinglist for this makes sense
>> since that is where are the people are with knowledge of e.g.
>> userspace APIs for various typical EC functionalities.
>> It might even make sense to also use:
>> git://
>> As git tree for this and send pull-reqs to Linus for this
>> together with the other pdx86 for the same reasons.
>> I would be open to that as long as this is strictly limited to
>> EC (like) drivers.
> Yes, I believe the EC are the only "board-specific" drivers we need for
> the Windows-on-Arm devices as of today. I expect at least two more EC
> drivers to be added later.
> Then I will re-target this series to platform-driver-x86:
> - Will add a new drivers/platform/aarch64/ dir with a Makefile and Kconfig
>   that would explicitly note it's only for EC-like drivers. Will update
>   the "X86 PLATFORM DRIVERS" entry in MAINTAINERS. (Or should I add a new
>   entry?)

Please add a new entry (you can simply copy most of the "X86 PLATFORM DRIVERS"
entry), putting this under the "X86 PLATFORM DRIVERS" entry feels weird.

> - Will add this driver there, also updating per the last Sebastian's
>   comments.

This sounds good.

> - Will also move the dt binding to a new bindings/platform/ dir.

Please consult with the DT binding maintainers about this bit.



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