Re: [PATCH 0/2] Fix per-policy boost behavior

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On 2/28/24 10:37, Viresh Kumar wrote:
On 27-02-24, 22:23, Sibi Sankar wrote:
Fix per-policy boost behavior by incorporating per-policy boost flag
in the policy->max calculation and setting the correct per-policy
boost_enabled value on devices that use cpufreq_enable_boost_support().

I don't see the problem explained anywhere and the patches look
incorrect too. The drivers aren't supposed to update the
policy->boose_enabled value.

Hey Viresh,
Thanks for taking time to review the series.

In the existing code, per-policy flags doesn't have any impact i.e.
if cpufreq_driver boost is enabled and one or more of the per-policy
boost is disabled, the cpufreq driver will behave as if boost is
enabled. I had to update the policy->boost_enabled value because we seem
to allow enabling cpufreq_driver.boost_enabled from the driver, but I
can drop that because it was just for book keeping. I didn't want
to include redundant info from another mail thread that I referenced in
the cover letter, but will add more info in the re-spin.


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