Re: [PATCH v7 3/7] PCI: qcom: Add ICC bandwidth vote for CPU to PCIe path

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On Fri, Feb 23, 2024 at 08:18:00PM +0530, Krishna chaitanya chundru wrote:
> To access PCIe registers, PCIe BAR space, config space the CPU-PCIe
> ICC(interconnect consumers) path should be voted otherwise it may
> lead to NoC(Network on chip) timeout. We are surviving because of
> other driver vote for this path.
> As there is less access on this path compared to PCIe to mem path
> add minimum vote i.e 1KBps bandwidth always.

Add blank line between paragraphs or wrap into a single paragraph.

Add space before open paren, e.g., "ICC (interconnect consumers)",
"NoC (Network on Chip)".

> In suspend remove the disable this path after register space access
> is done.

"... remove the disable this path ..." has too many verbs :)
Maybe "When suspending, disable this path ..."?

> +	 * The config space, BAR space and registers goes through cpu-pcie path.
> +	 * Set peak bandwidth to 1KBps as recommended by HW team for this path all the time.

Wrap to fit in 80 columns.

> +	/* Remove cpu path vote after all the register access is done */

One of the other patches has s/cpu/CPU/ in it.  Please do the same


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