Re: [PATCH v7 02/12] firmware: qcom: scm: enable the TZ mem allocator

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On Mon, Feb 26, 2024 at 11:30 AM Kuldeep Singh
<quic_kuldsing@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > > As we're not moving from the callers freely allocating what they need,
> > > > to a fixed sized pool of 256kb. Please document why 256kb was choosen,
> > > > so that we have something to fall back on when someone runs out of this
> > > > space, or wonders "why not 128kb?".
> > > >
> > >
> > > If you worry about these pools being taken out of the total memory and
> > > prefer to have a way to avoid it, I was thinking about another
> > > build-time mode for the allocator - one where there's no pool but it
> > > just allocates chunks using dma_alloc_coherent() like before and pool
> > > size is ignored. Does it sound good?
> > >
> >
> > Or we could even have an argument for the initial size of the pool and
> > then once it's exhausted, we'd add a new chunk (maybe twice the size?)
> > and so on.
> Hi Bartosz,
> Thanks for shmbridge patch series. Few questions.
>         1. With current design of every client maintaining it's own pool,
>         For any target, we might end up occupying lot more space by
>         different clients than we actually need.

Technically there are only up to two, three in the future with scminvoke.

>         2. Also, there's no option to configure pool size for each client at
>         runtime level and a fixed 256K value is chosen for qcom_scm/qseecom.

You mean via a module parameter?

>         Pool size will be same for each target and thus making it less
>         scalabale if there's adjustment needed at target specific level.
>         Ex: For a low DDR memory target, pool size should scale down accordingly
>         as 256K will become a big ask but there's no way to choose specific pool
>         size for just one target.

Do we really have any low-DDR platforms that would be affected by this
change? Even for db401c the 256K is a tiny fraction of the total

>                 2.1 One way to do configure custom pool size value is to add new
>                 property in qcom_scm/qseecom or client DT node and then create
>                 pool of size with this provided value. Though there are ways to
>                 tackle this, but still clients specifying it's own pool size
>                 will always fetch more CMA region than what is actually needed.
> Can you please share your ideas as well for upcoming version.

I will propose a new solution with several configuration options for
pools. Including scaling the pool size as needed. I hope to send it
this week.


> Regards
> Kuldeep

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