Re: ath11k allocation failure on resume breaking wifi until power cycle

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On 2/23/2024 11:28 PM, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
On 2/22/24 06:47, Manivannan Sadhasivam wrote:
On Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 08:34:23AM -0800, Jeff Johnson wrote:
On 2/21/2024 6:39 AM, Vlastimil Babka wrote:

starting with 6.8 rc series, I'm experiencing problems on resume from s2idle
on my laptop, which is Lenovo T14s Gen3:

LENOVO 21CRS0K63K/21CRS0K63K, BIOS R22ET65W (1.35 )
ath11k_pci 0000:01:00.0: wcn6855 hw2.1
ath11k_pci 0000:01:00.0: chip_id 0x12 chip_family 0xb board_id 0xff soc_id 0x400c1211
ath11k_pci 0000:01:00.0: fw_version 0x1106196e fw_build_timestamp 2024-01-12 11:30 fw_build_id WLAN.HSP.1.1-03125-QCAHSPSWPL_V1_V2_SILICONZ_LITE-3.6510.37

The problem is an allocation failure happening on resume from s2idle. After
that the wifi stops working and even a reboot won't fix it, only a
poweroff/poweron cycle of the laptop.

Looks like WLAN is powered down during s2idle, which doesn't make sense. I hope
Jeff will figure out what's going on.

You mean the firmware is supposed to power it down/up transparently without
kernel involvement? Because it should be powered down to save the power, no?
Let me clarify: from backtrace info, seems you are using a kernel with the hibernation-support patches [1] applied, which are not accepted yet to mainline kernel or even git://

So this is why you see WLAN firmware is powered down during suspend.


But I just found out that when I build my own kernel using the distro config
as base but reduced by make localmodconfig, the "mhi mhi0: Requested to
power ON" and related messages don't occur anymore, so there's something
weird going on.
Here your own kernel doesn't include the hibernation-support patches, right?

But if you can share the dmesg after enabling the debug prints of both ath11k
and MHI, it will help a lot.

- Mani

This is order 4 (costly order), GFP_NOIO (maybe it's originally GFP_KERNEL
but we restrict to GFP_NOIO during resume) allocation, thus it's impossible
to do memory compaction and the page allocator gives up. Such high-order
allocations should have a fallback using smaller pages, or maybe it could at
least retry once the restricted GFP_NOIO context is gone.

I don't know why it never happened before 6.8, didn't spot anything obvious
and it happens too unreliably to go bisect. Any idea?

I've asked the development team to look at this, but in the interim can
you apply the two hibernation patchsets to see if those cleanups also
fix your problem:

[PATCH 0/5] wifi: ath11k: prepare for hibernation support

[PATCH 0/3] wifi: ath11k: hibernation support

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