Re: (subset) [PATCH 0/4] Various fixes for the lm3630a backlight driver

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On Tue, 20 Feb 2024 00:11:18 +0100, Luca Weiss wrote:
> On the MSM8974 Nexus 5 and OnePlus One phones (latter doesn't have
> display upstream) the display backlight was turning off whenever you
> would write a brightness to sysfs since a recent commit to the driver
> (kernel v6.5).
>   backlight: lm3630a: Turn off both led strings when display is blank
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[1/4] backlight: lm3630a: Initialize backlight_properties on init
      commit: 4602c7615989e6e7052e317995a66014eb318082
[2/4] backlight: lm3630a: Don't set bl->props.brightness in get_brightness
      commit: ebb3b9a65b56e9b21841ab9a15b946407cd6b104
[3/4] backlight: lm3630a: Use backlight_get_brightness helper in update_status
      commit: 3c40590fafd4cc2447fb482a640c450e1a58ffa1

Lee Jones [李琼斯]

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