[PATCH 0/3] soc: qcom: Add X1E80100 platform and SMB2360 PMIC

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This patchset adds the entry for the new X1E80100 SoC and one of the
PMICs it uses, the SMB2360. Rest of the PMICs are already added.

Signed-off-by: Abel Vesa <abel.vesa@xxxxxxxxxx>
Abel Vesa (3):
      dt-bindings: arm: qcom,ids: Add SoC ID for X1E80100
      soc: qcom: socinfo: Add X1E80100 SoC ID table entry
      soc: qcom: socinfo: Add SMB2360 PMIC

 drivers/soc/qcom/socinfo.c         | 2 ++
 include/dt-bindings/arm/qcom,ids.h | 1 +
 2 files changed, 3 insertions(+)
base-commit: 33e1d31873f87d119e5120b88cd350efa68ef276
change-id: 20240223-x1e80100-socinfo-06378c690947

Best regards,
Abel Vesa <abel.vesa@xxxxxxxxxx>

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