[PATCH v6 0/6] media: qcom: camss: Add sc8280xp support

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- Add of camss.yaml passes on linux-stable/master as at
  commit: ff93872a9c61 ("clk: qcom: camcc-sc8280xp: Add sc8280xp CAMCC")

- Fixed IFE/VFE comment discongruity - Konrad

- Per my explaination I don't propose to change IFE/VFE naming since
  they are the same thing.

  SFE blocks should be named SFE though, not IFE/VFE

- Referring to Konrad's other comments on IFE/VFE naming

  The next two changes I intend not covered in this SoC series

  a) Completing the conversion to named power-domains
  b) Camera NOC => OPPs for the camera NoC

  Not covered in this series though.

Link to v5: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20231110-b4-camss-sc8280xp-v5-0-7f4947cc59c8@xxxxxxxxxx
Link to tree: https://git.codelinaro.org/bryan.odonoghue/kernel/-/tree/b4/camss-sc8280xp-v6
Bootable: https://git.codelinaro.org/bryan.odonoghue/kernel/-/tree/sc8280xp-v6.8-rc4-camss?ref_type=heads

- Fixes the lower case 0x0c to 0x0C not sure how Konrad even saw this.
- Drops frequency table to just individual frequencies not full array of
  opps - Konrad

- As explained doesn't change the finding of frequencies.
  Current array size will ensure testing if (freq[x]) succeeds though I
  do agree this should be changed up.

  Plan to restructure struct params for specificity to VFE, CSID and will
  incorporate this change then.
  Link: https://lore.kernel.org/all/e80d4026-a525-48ef-b53a-f1276dd316e6@xxxxxxxxxx

-  Reset sequence

   Right now the reset works. I agree qcom's downstream has more stuff in
   it. I've logged a task to evaluate expansion of the reset and to test
   across multiple platforms.

   For now not required for this drop.

- _src clocks

  One assumes the reason at some stage in time we didn't have SET_PARENT in
  our CAMCC which meant setting _src clocks was necessary. In any case it
  ought not to be necessary now.

  Removing the _src from existing platforms should be trivial however we
  might find that as a result some of the CAMCC drivers need to be updated.

  That obviously is a separate series.

Link to v4: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20231109-b4-camss-sc8280xp-v4-0-58a58bc200f9@xxxxxxxxxx
Link to tree: https://git.codelinaro.org/bryan.odonoghue/kernel/-/tree/b4/camss-sc8280xp-v5

- Drops all _src clocks and _SRC indexes in series.
  True enough the CAMCC driver has all of the appropriate SET_PARENT flags
  so there's no need to represent _src clocks. - Konrad

- I've opted not to split C-PHY and D-PHY init sequences up unless/until
  we have a C-PHY init sequence upstream. - bod/Konrad

- b4 trailes --update -> + Konrad's Acks

Link to v3: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20231105-b4-camss-sc8280xp-v3-0-4b3c372ff0f4@xxxxxxxxxx
Link to tree: https://git.codelinaro.org/bryan.odonoghue/kernel/-/tree/b4/camss-sc8280xp-v4

- Strip pointer to dependencies from yaml patch
  I was hoping the robot would understand the links but it doesn't -

Link to v2: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20231103-b4-camss-sc8280xp-v2-0-b7af4d253a20@xxxxxxxxxx

b4 base:

- Rebase to capture is_lite flag from named power-domain series
- Amends commit log of final patch to give more detail on rename - Konrad
- Opted not to change switch() statements with returns. - bod/Konrad

Requires CAMCC for sc8280xp which applies to qcom/clk-for-6.7:
b4 shazam 20231026105345.3376-1-bryan.odonoghue@xxxxxxxxxx

Requires the named power-domain patches which apply to media-tree/*:
b4 shazam e700133b-58f7-4a4d-8e5c-0d04441b789b@xxxxxxxxxx

Link to v1:

b4 base:

sc8280xp is the SoC found in the Lenovo X13s. This series adds support to
bring up the CSIPHY, CSID, VFE/RDI interfaces.

A number of precursor patches make this series smaller overall than
previous series.

sc8280xp provides

- 4 x VFE, 4 RDI per VFE
- 4 x VFE Lite, 4 RDI per VFE
- 4 x CSID
- 4 x CSID Lite
- 4 x CSI PHY

I've taken the yaml from a dtsi series and included it here since 1) I sent
the yaml to the wrong person and 2) it already has RB from Krzysztof.

Requires CAMCC for sc8280xp which applies to qcom/clk-for-6.7:
b4 shazam 20231026105345.3376-1-bryan.odonoghue@xxxxxxxxxx

Requires the named power-domain patches which apply to media-tree/* :
b4 shazam 20231101-b4-camss-named-power-domains-v3-5-bbdf5f22462a@xxxxxxxxxx

To use the camera on x13s with say Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams you
will need to

1. Run Firefox
2. Update about:config to enable pipewire
3. Use this WIP version of libcamera

A working bootable tree can be found here:
Link: https://git.codelinaro.org/bryan.odonoghue/kernel/-/tree/lenovo-x13s-linux-6.5.y

b4 base:

Signed-off-by: Bryan O'Donoghue <bryan.odonoghue@xxxxxxxxxx>
Bryan O'Donoghue (6):
      media: dt-bindings: media: camss: Add qcom,sc8280xp-camss binding
      media: qcom: camss: csiphy-3ph: Add Gen2 v1.1 two-phase MIPI CSI-2 DPHY init
      media: qcom: camss: Add CAMSS_SC8280XP enum
      media: qcom: camss: Add sc8280xp resources
      media: qcom: camss: Add sc8280xp support
      media: qcom: camss: vfe-17x: Rename camss-vfe-170 to camss-vfe-17x

 .../bindings/media/qcom,sc8280xp-camss.yaml        | 512 +++++++++++++++++++++
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/camss/Makefile         |   2 +-
 .../platform/qcom/camss/camss-csiphy-3ph-1-0.c     | 108 ++++-
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/camss/camss-csiphy.c   |   1 +
 .../camss/{camss-vfe-170.c => camss-vfe-17x.c}     |   0
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/camss/camss-vfe.c      |  25 +-
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/camss/camss-video.c    |   1 +
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/camss/camss.c          | 307 ++++++++++++
 drivers/media/platform/qcom/camss/camss.h          |   1 +
 9 files changed, 948 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)
base-commit: e31185ce00a96232308300008db193416ceb9769
change-id: 20231101-b4-camss-sc8280xp-0e1b91eb21bf

Best regards,
Bryan O'Donoghue <bryan.odonoghue@xxxxxxxxxx>

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