Re: [PATCH v4 0/4] drm/msm: provide migration path from MDP5 to DPU driver

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On Thu, 08 Feb 2024 17:01:07 +0200, Dmitry Baryshkov wrote:
> Over the last several years the DPU driver has been actively developed,
> while the MDP5 is mostly in the maintenance mode. This results in some
> features being available only in the DPU driver. For example, bandwidth
> scaling, writeback support, properly supported bonded DSI aka dual DSI
> support, DSC (display stream compression).
> All the pre-SDM845 platforms were originally supported by the MDP5
> driver only. However it is possible and easy to support some of the
> older SoCs in the DPU driver. For example in the v5.18 it got
> support for MSM8998.  This can not be considered as a proper migration,
> since there msm8998.dtsi didn't describe the display hardware
> beforehand. Instead new bindings were added, making MSM8998 just another
> display hardware to be supported by the DPU driver.
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[1/4] drm/msm/mdss: generate MDSS data for MDP5 platforms
[2/4] drm/msm/dpu: support binding to the mdp5 devices
[3/4] drm/msm: add a kernel param to select between MDP5 and DPU drivers
[4/4] drm/msm/dpu: add support for SDM660 and SDM630 platforms

Best regards,
Dmitry Baryshkov <dmitry.baryshkov@xxxxxxxxxx>

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