Re: [net-next PATCH 1/3] dt-bindings: net: ipq4019-mdio: document now supported clock-frequency

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> +  clock-frequency:
> +    description:
> +      The MDIO bus clock that must be output by the MDIO bus hardware, if
> +      absent, the default hardware values are used.
> +
> +      MDC rate is feed by an external clock (fixed 100MHz) and is divider
> +      internally. The default divider is /256 resulting in the default rate
> +      applied of 390KHz.
> +    enum: [ 390625, 781250, 1562500, 3125000, 6250000, 12500000 ]

Hi Christian

802.3 says the clock should be up to 2.5MHz by default. So the nearest
would be 1562500. Please document that if not set, it defaults to
this. And make the driver actually default to that.


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